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What We Should Know About Social Networking Platforms

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 What we should know about social networking platforms. Much has been said and heard about the various social networking platforms on the internet and the attitudes of people around it.The rate of involvement in social media platforms cuts across all ages, from young kids to the adults even to the corporate firms around the world.

 People just want to be connected with friends and it's becoming harder to resist the medias with its opportunities of connecting with a number of people across the universe. It has become so much interwoven with the daily activities that it's becoming harder to see who is not using the platforms for one genuine reasons or the other even when it's apparent that many are just chatting away their time on some irrelevant issues.

 Facebook for instance has the largest number of active users followed by Google+ after which comes LINKEDIN with new members registering almost every 15 seconds around the whole world. Facebook has about 1.28 billion users with most of these account holders login in more than 20 times a day to see the latest posts from friends, to comment, to moderate the comments on their posts or to update their status with any digital upload of their choice.

 Same goes for the other social platforms too. All these has become so real that our life now almost revolves around the contacts that we have in one social media platform or the other which is not bad...... It's a new trend and we have all become extremely good at following them up.

 No matter how good however, we need to understand some basic things about our (addictions) to most of these social medias platforms. In this post, we will be looking at some important points about the social media platforms and the right attitudes to have towards them.
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What We Should Know About Social Networking Platforms

#1.The Simple Truth About Social Networking Platforms

The social media providers know what works and what does not, that is why you hardly see any irrelevant fictions on any site apart from what could possibly make them money which is the core reason why they do what they do. They want people to stay in touch with their relatives and friends and they make money for providing the needed platforms for us. So it is a business and a genuine one for that matter.

#2.How Does Social Networking Affect My Time

One undeniable fact about any social networking sites is that it involves the uses of our time and it takes a whole chunk of it. Social media networking can be so addictive that we sometimes get ourselves seriously entangled and finds it very hard to free ourselves from it's grips, from too many friends that we may have there. There are usually too many time consuming things to do once you logged in, that it practically becomes very hard to log out for other more important things offline.

 There's hardly any time that you logged in without seeing a friend online and many at times you gets carried away chatting to the extent that you abandon the very reason that brought you online in the first place, and that could make one to spend more time than necessary at a go. What can you do about this? Closing down our accounts is not the solution to the problem as some has done or are planning to do.

 The best thing to do since networking has become the norm in the society is to place a time limits and stick to it. Track the time you spend networking at the end of the month and see how well you ve' adjusted. Also as parents, there's the need to caution our children and help them see the dangers of wasting their time on the social media while they have members of their household to cultivate real real friendship with.

 One of the ironies of the internet according to Don Tapscott is that, "while it makes staying in touch easier when family members are physically apart, it can also keep them apart when they re' at home." So if care is not taken, social media platforms would keep us believing that we are using our time wisely when we are actually wasting our precious time on frivolities.
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#3.How Does Social Networking Affect My Privacy

For as long as we want to connect with people and have them know us, our needs for privacy still counts. You don't walk the street with all the necessary information about yourself pasted at your forehead for all to see. Same things goes with your privacy settings in your profile information.

 There we have photos, messages to our friends, our comments, our updates, our home address, the school we attend or where we work and in fact every details about ourselves and before you know it much information are already out there for the public about yourself and what happens if it gets to those with criminal intents? Online is a public domain and any thing that we post there is equally for the public.
 So in inasmuch as we want to be known, walking naked in the public to have that achieved, simply projects us as being mad.

What Do We Do?

 While it is interesting to have our voices, faces, photos e.t.c heard and seen with the other friends in the social, we should be careful whenever we are registering with any of them and really know the necessary details regarding their private settings to know how much information about yourself to divulge to the public.

 We want to be privy enough not allow some criminally minded individuals to steal our identity and use it for their dubious acts. It is never a course of wisdom to use any social media platform without understanding the basic things about it especially the privacy settings.

 Sometimes, you see some individuals on Facebook make fun of themselves by sending some sensitive information publicly and have them divulged to their surprise. A post in one of the social media platform once made public what was never intended for the second person to hear. Whenever, we are online, let us always guard our utterances and know the type of information we post for the public to see because that say a lot about who we really are on the real life. Beware!

#4.How Does Social Networking Affect My Personality

Partly touched above. Whether knowingly or not, what we post on social media platforms say much about us and makes others to form their opinions about us, and do you know one thing about that? Whatever opinion they form about us sticks. Once a person's reputation is damaged on a social media, the news spreads like a wild fire to the extent that anything the  person does would be seen as a mad man in action.

 A social media enthusiast has this to say..."It seems that when people go on a social network, they lose their sense of reason, and say things that they would normally wouldn't say, with their reputation dragged to the mud."

Some Necessary Precautions To Take

 Always try to speak and listen to yourself. look at your page and see it with other people's mind. Find out from yourself if you would like to be seen that way by others.

 What if my parents, colleagues, friends who has my respect and others see it, would I still retain my values and want them to view me as being complete with my senses. We should desist from any activities on the social media that could project us wrongly and have us appear like someone else, especially those that we would never dream of imitating because of their bad characters.

#5.How Does Social Networking Affect My Relationships

I also touched little on this above. Our relations carries weights and are heavy enough to have us focused on the right way.

What type of friends or relations do I form using social network medias? If one is not careful with the choices of friends, the person is bound to get into real problem. This is practical both online and in the real life. We are to be wise with the choice of friends we send request to or accept.

 Steps To Take.

 Get a policy that govern your friendship's acceptance.

 Some of the limits to be set should include who you accepts and based on what reasons. It could be those that you know in person or friends of your friends based on the little or much you know about them with your respected principles of life in mind.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

 When we act responsibly on social media platforms and use them discreetly to our advantages instead of selling our selves wrongly to the public, we stand the chances of benefiting from the real friendships that matters whether online or in the real life because if we have good friends, we could be able to detect to some levels of what their real personality is when it comes to our preferences in life and their own adherence to social media with their attitudes and their choices of friends.
Wont you be my friend? Unless you have genuine reasons for considering that.


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