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Ebonyi People In Lagos Move From Street Hawking To Skill Aquisition

Dave umahi of Ebonyi State
Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State/
Call him an action governor and you would be sounding archaic or just too ordinary because such name has become so common with many past administrators. The people of Ebonyi State have more than enough reason to be happy for being blessed with an all-in-one governor who knows them inside out!
 A youthful governor, ENGR. David Nweze Umahi, Dave Umahi for short, has proven beyond any reasonable doubts that all it takes to stand out in life is for a man or woman to be given the opportunity to do what he really wants for his people.

   Ebonyi state has had many good governors in the past with most of them taking some extra ordinary steps to make things better for their people through various programs which worked for a while and then came to a halt with either the change of their administrations or their demise. Though relatively new in the office, what Dave Umahi (MFR) has done within these few months in the office are indeed mind blowing as the people of the state and even non-indigenes  are testifying to.

 Listen to what people are saying concerning Umahi administration.

A man who visited Abakaliki  just after six years outside the state could not believe his eyes when he saw what Umahi has done within few months in the office as the governor of Ebonyi State.

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 "If someone else had related all these to me, I would have suggested that he get a good  hospital to have himself properly checked for an acute malaria, but since I'm witnessing this with my own eyes, there is no need for any long story. As you are seeing me now, going back to where I'm coming from, is just to go and get whatever I have there and come back to my state and stop wasting my time outside doing nothing".

Another young man of about 34-years, also related:

 "When I saw what was going on in Ebonyi state of all places, I simply said that God has remembered us just like he did to the people of Israel in Egypt which made most of the Egyptians take sides with the Israelites. In fact, our 40-years-Isrealite journey has come to an end with Dave Umahi as our leader. with David Umahi, forget it, Ebonyi has come to prove itself as the real salt of the  nation".

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Those were for the great changes taking place in the state, like Road constructions, Hospital renovations, Schools being given good attentions and many more. While all these were taking place, little did we know that the big things are still left untouched.

Streets To Skills Programme

Just as the name suggests, little did we know that the youth-friendly governor have something extraordinary in the pipeline for all the Ebonyians in the different parts of the country, especially in Lagos state where the people of Ebonyi has been reduced to nothing because of their hawking business.

Dave Umahi who was born on the 1st January 1964, in a period when the country was still struggling to stand on her feet as a nation and consequently marred with the Biafran war of the late 1960's, which was indeed not the best of time to be alive not to talk of being a toddler. Ask the Biafran survivors and they would give you all the frightening details even to the last bit of it.

That's by the way but just to tell you that the man tested hardship raw in all its colors. He practically understands what it means to suffer and also know what others are going through just to eke out a living.

When he assumed office in 29th May 2015 having served as a deputy governor in 2011 under the then governor Martin Elechi, he swung into action by turning the state upside down for good with many amenities taking place all over Ebonyi state.

 As if that was not enough, the Umunaga Uburu son from Ohaozra L.G.A of Ebonyi State (Dave Umahi) moves again with what no one had expected would happen, by taking his interests beyond the people living in Ebonyi state to others outside the state.

  With a new program tagged "Ebonyi State Government - From Street To Skill", the governor is poised to withdraw all the Ebonyians from street hawking and have them gainfully employed by making sure that each one is trained to have a handiwork work of his or her own instead of running after vehicles in the streets and highways in Lagos with many of them losing their lives on the process.

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In a seminar tagged, Street Hawking And The Effect On Ebonyi People, which took place in three major locations in Lagos State from 21st to 23rd March 2016, the visiting officials of the state's liaison in Lagos spoke extensively on the sad consequences that has been recorded from hawking from streets to streets in Lagos. One of the visitors, the commisioner for women affairs, Mrs Ogechi Ogbuewu spoke about the need to sensitize the people of Ebonyi in Lagos state to desist from disgracing their state 'as any woman with tray pans on head or young/elderly men with various kinds of wares' in the holdups are usually taken to be from Ebonyi state; even at a point in time, different potholes on the roads were said to be created by the people of Ebonyi State to booster their hawking business by causing slow movements of vehicles due to the bad road conditions.

Many youths were also given an opportunity to relate their experiences with regard to street hawking, with none of them relating an encouraging encounter in all their experiences.

This new programme is designed to rehabilitate youths of Ebonyi who are erstwhile roaming the streets of Lagos after which they would be empowered with the fund allocated for this purpose by the governor. According to a Nollywood actor, Andy Chukwu, who is partnering with Ebonyi state government on the skill acquisition programme, "Ebonyi state is partnering with Lagos state government on this project".

Catch the glimpse of what happened recently in Lagos in the following pictures:
Ebonyi people in Lagos
From street to skill/
participants at the seminar held in National Stadium Lagos
some dignitaries at the seminar from Ebonyi state liaison office in Lagos
The Programme Are On The Following Faces:

First face is to visit major cities in the country, Lagos state especially to take the statics of all Ebonyians hawking on the roads.

Second face is to have them rehabilitated through various skills of interests and then empower them with the necessary equipment to stand on their own.

With this, many Ebonyi indigenes who were present at the seminar expressed appreciations on what the governor is doing for the people of his state.

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To make the programme stand out as something serious, some people who felt that their forms were filled wrongly were given up to three weeks to make any amendments to their preferences.

While the programme was coming to conclusion at National Stadium Surulere Lagos on the 22nd March 2016, a none indigene of Ebonyi was quoted as saying, that he regretted not being born from Ebonyi State.

Ebonyi state has demonstrated over time that beyond taking adequate care of its indigenes, she is also capable of feeding the country if given the opportunity with their locally produced rice with all the necessary vitamins intact, instead of wasting funds importing vitamins stripped rice from abroad to the detriment of the country's economy.

The point is becoming clearer that Ebonyi State is setting up a good pace for all other states governments in Nigeria to emulate and get Nigeria working maximally to how it was expected to be as the giant of Africa.

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Anonymous said...

Wao! Am happy for Ebony I people ooooooo

martins eze said...

This is a noble idea. The Ebonyians on the streets of Akwa Ibom are numerous .Please let Akwa Ibom getinto your Agenda. You can ccontact me, the Igbo youth secretary Akwa Ibom state on 08022173963

martins eze said...

This is a noble idea..Please let it be extended to Akwa Ibom state where the hawkers are too numerous to mention. You can contact me the Youth secretary of Ndi Igbo in Akwa Ibom state. 08022173963

Amaechi Ekeh said...

Mr Martins thanks for your suggestions. You can put a call through to any of these numbers with reference to this post and you will be attended to. 1.Mr Andy C. 08188811440 2. Mrs Ogbuewu 08035498922 do that with the complete picture of the situation there. Thank you.

martins eze said...

Its Alright Mr Amechi Eke, i will do that

Amaechi Ekeh said...

As you call any of the following numbers, please try to let others know of your genuine discussions about the program.

Those wishing to have the program come to their area of residence are to call this number: 08120961505 for a serious discussions about the program.

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Anonymous said...

Please let other states governors learn from this to empower their youths also. Thanks for this splendid article.