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Being Friends - Why Real Friend Is Often Hard To Find

Friends at war./
 Being friends. Friends for life! That's how it sounds but it rarely happens that way and the reasons for that are too many that if one is to go all the way enumerating them, many bound volumes of books would go for that.

 What are true friends like and how possible is to retain one's friends all through life time? So many things has been said and written about being friends, acting friendly, remaining friends, and dying for friends.
 In all of these, one cannot recount his past life experiences without mentioning where friends came in from time to time and recounting many disappointing experiences that went with each one at one particular periods or the other.
 Still, we are all friends and want to remain friends of each other despite the sad stories about friends and what they had done to each other. As in form form of question, what really is the problem with friends, how could two individuals who had agreed to remain close to each other sometimes become the worst of enemies?

 Enmity they say, starts from friendship and so if that's the case then, what about remaining and being one's self  all alone without having anyone to hang on with in any condition that we find ourselves in?
 No. That sounds too serious, some would argue, but if quarreling could be reduced by each one being on their own, why not?

Well, we treasure real friends and enjoy good companions that are possible through friendships and have had many good things to relate about friends, but most of these friends are strange friends, friends that come from no where and probably helped us out of some problems. These may not be friends but they acted friendly.

 Whether once in a while or long time friends, friendships must remain because we are better off as friends rather than enemies. We stand to help ourselves more as friends than enemies because being friends comes with many benefits.
 But then, what are some things that stalls friendships and how can we avoid them? How can we avoid some barriers to real friendships?
 Read on as we analyze some possible reasons why friends sometimes end up as enmity and what we could do to avoid it.

5 Things That Stalls Friendships And What To Do About Them.


 Some people are excessively free with others that they often don't know the limits to go with their friends and thereby carries the notions of being friends to excessive degree.

 2. Competition.

 Some friends often fails to understand that they are for each other and that whatever achievements that other gets is usually for the two of them. While struggling to match up with each other, they are some times caught competing with each other unknowingly inn order not to appear to be depending on each other unnecessarily and when this is carried too far, the effects just shows up that they are struggling to outshine one another and when this happens, some natural separation ensues.

3. Gossip.

 It very tempting to have someone say somethings behind a friend's back and most of the times, the conversations usually tilts towards saying some certain things that may not be completely true about one's friend and of which you would be expected not to be indifferent.

Jealousy breeding.
 If this gets to your friends hearing and he finds out that you were there when somethings were said about him/her which you didn't tell him, the problems usually begins.

 4.Lack Of Trust

 You want and expect your friend to be your eyes and ears. You want your friend to be just a friend and who will be there to exonerate you from things even before it gets to your hearings.

5.Over Expectations.

 Sometimes what you may expect from your friend goes beyond little assistance here and there to some serious agreements which you would want him to stand for you without thinking twice.

 Being Friends - Why Real Friend Is Often Hard To Find

These are just few of the untold number of reasons why good friends break up and turn into enemies overnight.
 If you had actually followed through, you would have noticed that most of the reasons above are not more than what a friend can do for each other but the clear facts remains that we are humans with varied opinions and are controlled by some personal preferences, this is often time seen even in marriages.
  Mothers love this also
 So for us to be friends and and remain friends of each other, we need to be sincere with ourselves and try as much as we could to desist from expecting too much from each other.
 It also goes a long way if we understand that we all have our individual differences and would not automatically agree on every thing just because our friend is OK with such.

This happens irrespective of other values you may share or have in common. Being friends is not being married and so therefore one's friend should be given the freedom to express himself out of the circle as long as no rules are broken.
 Friendships is different from being married to each other except you are married to yourselves already which is not out of place.
 Both sexes can enjoy real friendships with none regretting it if it's built on a solid ground and with sincerity of purpose.
Sometimes the major problem between friends may be because of being formed on some selfish grounds, which to me, is not any way nearer to what friendship is all about.

 Having someone to relate with is indeed great because it helps both of you to stand strong come any day and any time because the confidence and assurance are there.
 In fact there are untold benefits of having real friends, but knowing what friendship is all about is very important in maintaining any friend we have, all through life if possible.
 To have a friend, you need to be a friend. This statement has been around for more than decades but the real meaning behind it is still obscured to some people.

 To give you some clues on the meaning, consider this: How do you view yourself and do you ever hurt yourself?
 If the answer to the questions sounds affirmative, then know that you are very close to understanding all there's to know about being friends.
 If you can hurt yourself and work your ways around trying to do something positive to ease up the pains, then apply same to your friend.
 Are you prone to mistake and some times do some things you later regrets and still forgives yourself, then look at your friend with the same view.
 So to be a good friend, overhaul yourself and try to work on yourself and be well equipped with the qualities necessary to be accommodating and be ready both to forgive and overlook. 

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