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Even Life's Difficulties Do Present Us With Choices To Make

Is there even a time when a person could be said to be without any choice to make in life? What in the first place if at all possible could lead to that?  Certainly, so many things could possibly cause that but much depends on the individual's permission.
 I will expand more on this much later.
And so it goes that many things in life today could turn a person upside down leaving him with less choices to make if he has any.
Moreover due to the hard conditions in the world as the results of man's mismanagement of the earth's resources and the outright wicked/tightfisted individuals,  some less fortunate ones are pushed to the wall with nothing to do than to remain there all their life bemoaning their unfortunate situations, but that's only for those with such choices to remain so for the rest of their lives.

    If only we could understand that the life we live doesn't even pity itself as much as we often assume, then we wouldn't have been taking some extra-measures in life. If we are to live this life the way it lives itself, we would then be forced to recognize the real meaning behind existence and know that life itself is stronger than living it the way we do.

 Life is meant to be lived and not necessarily to be endured and pampered as we have been conditioned to believe by the hardships surrounding it. If really that life is meant for endurance as we have it, so many strictly stipulated rules in it wouldn't have been allowed to coexist with because that would fault the whole things.
 To exonerate life from much of the blames that has been heaped on it by man,  life has always permitted those who are seriously in need of its services some fair shares of itself.
Humans just like every other persons

When I say this, some may get it wrong in their own definitions, but for a correction, Money isn't necessarily the most important thing in life or the yardstick to measure how successful a person really is.

Come to think of it, how many can truthfully accuse life of being unfair to them? I mean, to put it all on life?
      With this statement alone....many would line up with their long lists of all the unfortunate things that life has brought on them and how unfair it has been all along stretching it back to their great grandees.

That's the way it appears, but may I ask please, can anyone quantify all that he had put into life with what it has given him in return and continually give?    I am speaking so as to exercise our brains in some ways that most of us had never thought of or doesn't pay much attention to even if we do at times.

We are usually overwhelmed with so much complaints of what the life did or did not do to us that we overlook how indebted we are to this thing called living.  Yet life never complains but instead we consider ourselves to be with no choice than to endure a life which is meant to be lived and explored freely if you are ready for its endless/limitless adventures.  After it all we still say that life is hard and not that 'we are hard'. Sounds funny!

It is so ridiculous to be hearing it being said loudly most of the times that we are left with no choice even when there are so many choices to choose from. The fact remains that you are making a choice even when you are said to be with no choice!. It's your choice.......

Whether you believe in God or not, as long as you are living you are bound to believe in something whether real or not and that's up to you.... But in all that you give allegiances to, you can not do that without being indebted to the life in you. (It's a fact that some are really unfortunate in this life and our hearts goes out for such ones) but that is the more reasons why you as a person whose every parts of his body is complete, should beware of the hopeless statements of being left with no choice in life.

 We sometimes hear the statements of being pushed to the wall which is often said to leave a person with no choice than to do what he did in a given situation.... still the person had no choice!. But he did something only that what he did may be wrong which is not always the case.

To be candid, I have sang this deep enough into our heads that we are loaded with more than enough choices to make in a lifetime and good choices at that instead of living the life of pity.
 Good friends could disappoint us and most of the things we hoped for in life may turn out negatively for some of us at times and that could weigh the person down, we know, but in other words what that could be telling us is simply to explore further choices/options at our disposals and not to remain stagnant at a place!

 Come out of that your enclosures and take a wider looks around the community where you lives and extend that to other areas of your state of resident and get to know the reasons why there are traffics on the highways of double lanes, why people are always on the run even from the comforts of their homes because the secretes of their perceived comforts, which is or may be unknown to you, lies on the discomforts that they regularly put themselves through everyday of the week and throughout the years of their lives.
With their own prizes to pay

Life has indeed given us so much to get busy with not withstanding that things are difficult as we all can bear witness to, but at the same time, that is never to say that we are completely without some good choices to make at least to ease our pains. I do agree with you that things are indeed heavy, that's true,  but those heavy objects are definitely not going to lift themselves from where they are to where we want them to be.

Konga is making things more easy, have you tried them?

      Unfortunately things do happen in some least expected ways sometimes to some people, but definitely not to everybody at the same time,  but when we overly spend time necessarily with the affected person (s) just because something bad has happened,- which is inevitable in the present life, we may unwittingly though kindly be wasting the time that could have been spent on any other productive and profitable things that would by extension serve two or multiple purposes both for the unfortunate and those pitying him. This may sound mean but that's just the simple and best approaches to living the life the way it is and not to be unduly enduring it per-say.

 Let us lessen the blames on life and try more meaningful approaches to it as some others are doing and getting rewarded accordingly. We can face life squarely and do our best by focusing on that which we are doing and which gives us some satisfactions instead of getting distracted at every fly that passes along.
If we fail in any way while trying to get it right, let us try again and again until we get it right for we would surely do if we do not quit...!


Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, the saying that when there is life, there abound hope. Holds very true with this post. since we have options as long as we live, it make sense not to simply throw them away just like that. Good one there- my dear friend.

Amaechi Ekeh said...

Highly Appreciated. Thanks for branching to the blogs. make sure to subscribe to keep up with future contents.

Joshmat jjen said...

Another beatiful one to think about. Keep It coming please!