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We All Have Choices To Make Even While It Is Raining


You have choices to make even while it is raining. We all have to know that we don't necessarily have to get wet simply because the rain is falling heavily. Situations in life can always take whatever shapes that it deem fit and that's just for its own purposes.

 Inasmuch as that which keeps the flow of the movements is being hindered in some ways, be it whatsoever, as long as the supposed tempo, music, or movements are not maintained, just be sure that you could only be waited for a while and when the expected succors are not forthcoming or the sounds are no longer coming from the usual place again, then be ready for the voices to be hitting your both ears with all sorts of displeasing sounds until you are able to do something to fix the problems and retain the formal free flow of whatever it was that you were giving out before the sudden stop.

 Some typical examples are what we usually see in a public transport, when the once moving vehicle suddenly develops faults, in a gathering where  music is being played to entertain the crowds or in some other settings when whatever that is being enjoyed suddenly comes to a halt.

  The above examples could be cited when a situation suddenly stops from what it used to be and turns temporarily sour or stops for some likely unbearably longer periods than necessary.
At times the sounds may refuse to come out

 It could not however be completely removed from other unlikely avenues, such as some situations where it has not started initially so to say. It is applicable in all areas of life!

 While it may be said that people usually get upset when what they were enjoying suddenly stops, it could also be said that people also get pissed off by other forms of disappointments. Expectations postponed makes the hearts not only sick but also uncontrollably angry.

 For instance, when a son or daughter is not measuring up expectantly, that is also another cause for worry for the concerned parents. When a child is born, it is expected that he follows the normal sequences of developments of a normal child. Starting from sitting unaided, crawling, standing, walking, and running, (when the time comes) not aimlessly but to run gainfully and on to their expectations; and if any child does anything differently without following the normal process, they are usually termed the famous "irresponsible child, who first learn to walk before crawling".

  So in essence what we are saying here, is all about doing things at their normal times and not getting ahead or getting backward unnecessarily.

Do things at the right time for them, and if at all possible do it ahead of time instead of remaining backwards or not doing it at all.

So it goes without being said that when situations go on exceedingly dull as is often the case, the people's abilities to bear things are usually put to the test.

When the situation becomes more terrific, the people's feelings could no longer be hidden especially when it deals directly with their prides or what they assume to be for their best interests or by extensions, what they felt could be for your best interest of which they feel that you are not seeing things in the same light with them; such as getting married or doing other things of that nature.

In such instances, you see what frustrations can do.

Some words that you never expected from certain individuals would come pouring into your very ears and that which has been kept hidden because of 'respects' would now lose its values to your very eyes, as frustrations would be certain to decorate itself with aggression to your very face.

 Yes, when the best of friends or one's closest could no longer endure your explanations, they show it in their words and actions too.

Though to some, this works to awaken them up to their responsibilities, but to not so to the others as all the efforts may likely yield no result due to some reasons beyond explanations.

 Simply put, every normal human craves for better things no matter how some may pretend at times. Forget it, we are all humans!

                                           What often leads to such situations in the first place.

What usually lead to such type of situation in the first place, is whenever a person is not clear with his real goals in life, which sometimes may be due to limited educations and unclear directions.

  Another major reasons why it's often the case, could be due to the  fact that the individual involved is not passionate about the direction that others, probably the parents or friends may want him to go.

 Sometimes however, it could be that the time is not yet ripe for the person to blossom as it were.

 But whatever be the case, working to keep the tempo going normally or bringing somethings to life,  are just what is expected of us individually.And rightly so because we would be happier if we are able at least, as humanly possible, to keep abreast with our various responsibilities in life.

At times you can't just do anything about the situation!
So it makes much more senses, even though it is never easy to keep up with the fights to survive but it certainly differentiates us from the dead ones who are no longer part of the present struggle.

  Indeed, it may come to you in different forms and ways, at times it could be through shame, it could be through reminders from your closest family members, age mates, school mates, friends, and even from your own very self. But if you can keep up with the best you can do and not unnecessarily pointing accusing fingers at anyone, you would definitely get that which you had seriously but sincerely worked for in life.

We all have got talents and brain to harness them. It would do us no good if we are to continuously remain stagnant in life waiting for some blind explosions to occur in our lives before we are to make any move or before we realize that where we are standing is such a wrong place to be.

 To win the lottery of life, at least some attempts are needed. Take that bold and scary steps if you want to succeed or forever remain hampered by unfounded fears and unnecessary self respects.

  Keep the music playing as much as the dancers are at your disposal, for that keeps you busy sweating it out together as it were. In all, let everyone know that you are capable of maintaining whatever it is that you started or that opens up to you as a person.

Get the voids filled because it is meant for humans with a single head just like you.

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